LED Brick 100x100x46mm
                      LED Brick 100x100x46mm

                      LED Brick 100x100x46mm

                      Model NO.:


                      • IP67,anti-scratch, anti-wear, acid & alkali resistant;

                      • Surface texture Mohs'scale of hardness up to 5°;

                      • Customizable texture,pattern,size & shape;

                      • Interactive induction available, game interaction program implantable, with strong experience feeling;

                      • Suit for municipal and commercial squares, garden paths, cultural tourism projects, etc.



                      • LED Type: Cree, Osram, Lumileds, Nichia etc.

                      • Input Voltage: 24VDC

                      • Power Rating: 1.3W

                      • Beam Angle: 120°

                      • Color Temperature: White, R, G, B, RGB,RGBW,amber

                      • Life Span: ?≧50000 hrs?? ?

                      • Housing: Stainless steel body, high-strength tempered textured glass cover

                      • Dimension: 100x100x46mm

                      • Weight: 0.73kg

                      • Working Temperature: -30°C ~+65°C

                      • Control: ON/OFF, DMX512

                      • Ingress Protection: IP67?? ?

                      • Classification: III

                      • Installation: Embedded buried installation (recessed box required)

                      ?Fixture Options?

                      SizePowerLED colorTextureVoltageControlOther Options
                      100x100x46mm1.3W/1.7Wsingle color,RGB,RGB+W,RGBWGranite,Caesar Grey, Yellow Granite,Red Granite, etc24VDCON/OFF, DMX512Drive over ≤2TContinuous connection in series

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